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3 Years Of Being Awesome SVG Printable

Madeline Medina Reappointed to 3-Year Term as Bayonne City Clerk

3 Years Of Being Awesome SVG Printable

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BAYONNE, NJ – Madeline Medina was named for a second three-year term at the April 20 City chamber meeting, subsequent to having proactively left a mark on the world as the principal African American and female city assistant in Bayonne.

A representative for the city starting around 1991, Medina was named City Clerk in 2019 after long-term City Clerk Robert Sloan resigned.

However Medina, 56, who began as an agent and typist for the city in 1991, didn’t predict herself turning into the city representative, she ended up persistently raised ready as others resigned and ultimately ended up as delegate assistant under Sloan’s tutelage for a long time.