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Hi,  I am glad for your visit. People call me Mr. Smith who is a Dad of two boys. I’m regularly *inspired* to create crafts projects with my own spin on them…and always “inspired by HOPE in our Lord Jesus Christ!” 

Follow the journey beginning in March of 2016. I was so lucky to meet my grandma, who is a great artist and photographer. She taught me a lot about her fields, and shared her experience with me. At that time, I came up with many ideas to keep her work continue. I could understand her desire, and the way she led me through her loved words.

So here I was trying to learn how to save her career, and develop it to catch up the social demands  through the amazing ideas on this fairly new little website called SVG Summit.

  • Address: 3686 Candlelight Drive, Houston, Texas
  • Phone: +61-830-613-5591

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