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Dear Mom I’m Sorry Your Other Kids SVG Printable, Mom Gift

Dear Mom, I realize you’re so worn out, so I got you a Mother’s Day gift from China — chicken blood

Reporting teacher Buck Ryan in Kentucky and English instructor Lei Jiao in Wuhan, China, are back seeking after diverse comprehension through recent developments — this time a salute to all moms, single or wedded, for a Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Mom I’m Sorry Your Other Kids SVG Printable, Mom Gift

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“Hello, Lei. Cheerful Mother’s Day!”

“Apologies, Buck. Hold tight briefly.”


“I was somewhat diverted. I’m stranded in rush hour gridlock, returning Ruby to school. What did you say?”

“I simply needed to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.”

“That is so sweet, Buck. Be that as it may, I’m not your mom.”

“Well I think about what we have here, Lei, is an inability to convey.”

“Alright, Cool Hand Buck, to make sure you know Mother’s Day in China is about kids showing love for their mothers.”


“So Ruby will make you something decent at school for Mother’s Day?”

“Buck, that hasn’t occurred since kindergarten. Things quit fooling around for her in first grade.”

“So I surmise you’ll get your mother twelve red roses, eh?”

“A significantly number, indeed, Buck, however for us red carnations are the thing.”

“So you give gifts in even numbers?”

“Indeed, yet not four.”


“That is an indication of death.”

“OMG, Lei. You never neglect to astound me with how different our societies are.”

“You mean your free enterprise versus our communism with Chinese attributes?”

“I presume.”

“Buck, let me drop off Ruby, then, at that point, purchase a shot in the arm, and I’ll return right once again to you.”

“That is fine, Lei. What’s the jolt of energy, something from Starbucks?”

“No, Buck, chicken blood.”

“Chicken blood!”

“Gotcha, Buck. I’ll be back soon.”