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February 1997 Birthday Vintage SVG Printable

On a virus winter night in February 1997, I met my future spouse in the home grown supplements walkway at Debra’s Natural Gourmet in West Concord.

February 1997 Birthday Vintage SVG Printable

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We were both separated and not really searching for another accomplice, but rather we had open hearts and were in favor of finding new love by the same token. I don’t recall whether or Tinder existed in those days yet it didn’t make any difference. We had Debra Stark.

Debra was the organizer and proprietor of Debra’s Natural Gourmet, a characteristic items retail outlet cuddled between a sub shop and the (presently shut) West Concord 5 and 10. An energetic backer for practicing good eating habits and being cheerful, Debra had opened her retail outlet in October 1989 on an expectation and a request, wagering her reserve funds and cash acquired from family that the world was prepared for natural food varieties, dietary enhancements, normal individual consideration items and a well disposed and inviting spot to get it.