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Hello Fifty SVG Printable, Established 1972 svg

Prospero Winery and Grapes Celebrates 50 Years of Serving the Pleasantville, NY Community

Prospero Winery and Grapes is exceptionally glad and regarded to declare that 2022 imprints the 50th commemoration of our family possessed and worked business.

Hello Fifty SVG Printable, Established 1972 svg

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Since our underlying beginning in 1972, Prospero Winery and Grapes has laid out and savored the rich practice of locally situated, nearby winemaking; we trust local people, organizations, and guests to the Mid-Hudson area have the right to approach the best, greatest wine and grapes accessible in the business.

Prospero Winery and Grapes and our Pleasantville, NY winery sources keep on providing masterfully developed grapes and juices for home creation, business use, and nearby utilization. As our association praises our 50th commemoration, we’re reaffirming our established practices and sharing an inside check out at our generational obligation to quality.