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How to Celebrate Juneteenth during quarantine

How to Celebrate Juneteenth during quarantine

Juneteenth is a special holiday  in the United States that commemorates the end of slavery. The celebration this year might seem different. Many will be aware of George Floyd’s recent death, which triggered national dialog and protest in relation to race, equality and justice. The coronavirus pandemic, which limits the size of meetings, also continues to affect Americans. Here are a few ways of celebrating June 10.

Buy some meaning gifts for your family

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We update new ideas everyday, especially in this pandemic.

Moreover, you may consider combining meaningful presents with the following entertaining activities to express your affection to our loved ones.

Have a cookout at home

Many summer festivals involve a barbecue, and coronavirus can’t change that this year. According to limitations, for a day of lawn activities, grilling and festivities, you could get together in small groups. Try the marinated steaks on the barbecue and try them with some sliced fresh fruit like plums, and nectarines.What could be better than a juicy steak and a refreshing drink of lemonade for your family?

Juneteenth Barbecue

Picnic in the backyard

Although not all states have fully opened their doors to eating in, you may still order your favorite cuisine to celebrate Juneteenth while also supporting a local company. Spread out at a picnic table with your favorite music, plates, napkins, and utensils, and enjoy an outside meal while reflecting on the value of this meaning day.

Check to see if your city will hold a virtual event

Taking online lessons and arranging a getaway aren’t the only ways to stay creative while you’re in quarantine. Juneteenth events in several locations have been transferred online. Cincinnati’s virtual celebrations will be broadcast on cable and YouTube, the African American Museum of Iowa will have a virtual event, Portsmouth, New Hampshire will live-stream its Juneteenth celebration, and Dallas will do a drive-thru celebration. These are just a few examples; check your local or state websites to see if comparable events are planned.

Read up on the history

Read about Juneteenth day if you’ve never celebrated it before or if you’re unfamiliar with its history. If there’s one thing that self-isolation has provided us, it’s time. Use your free time at home to learn about the significance of this day in American history – it’s not simply a day to grill out and listen to music. This is a day to remember the past and celebrate freedom.

Watch African American triumphs and or your favorite film 

There are many meaning filma bout this day such as

12 Years a Slave. The movie is based on Solomon Northup’s memoir of the same name. Northup, an African American born into freedom, was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. After 12 years under the command of several masters, he was reclaimed and returned to his family.

June 1st 2021

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