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Ringmaster Circus Birthday SVG Printable

While 83 grinning entertainers offer that conventional hello to begin Vaud-Villities’ yearly spring revue, they will recharge obligations of local area that have supported the group for a considerable length of time — and, they trust, for a really long time more.

Ringmaster Circus Birthday SVG Printable

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Vaud-Villities Productions, charged as America’s longest-running melodic theatrical presentation, will introduce its 80th Birthday Celebration Friday through Sunday at Valley Dale Ballroom.

“We’ve endured for the long haul since we have profound roots locally. … This show features where we’ve been and where we’re going,” show chief Heather Balas said.

Where the all-volunteer company to a great extent has been beginning around 2011 is the Northland Performing Arts Center (NPAC), its home after a very long time at now-gone Veterans Memorial.

Where Vaud-Villities is going remaining parts dubious after Franklin County purchased NPAC. Vaud-Villities moved out in February, with two semitrailers moving ensembles, props and possessions to impermanent capacity while pioneers look for new quarters.